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As a young company, we are committed to developing the leading data solution for supply chain management information.

We work with strong partners, draw on a wealth of expertise from our highly experienced team, and use human and smart intelligence to bring you instantly relevant information from a growing number of disciplines.

Big Data at your fingertips

Growing Ecosystem

We are expanding our ecosystem step by step. This allows us to continuously cover more areas of the supply chain and increase geographic reach. Thanks to the growing community, we can also quickly integrate new ideas into the ecosystem. Your idea - our mission.
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Titan is a start-up Big Data product provider of reliable and aggregated data tailored to client’s connectivity needs & systems.

Our proprietary Smart Data system provides Data Intelligence through advanced optimization and analytical tools.

Our Mission

To make Smart Data affordable and available to all

Our Vision

To be the World’s Leading Smart Data Marketplace providing impactful and beneficial information


About Us

Transparent – We help suppliers, buyers and other market participants gain insight into the often scattered, opaque supply chain data pond.
Intelligent - We respect and leverage human brain power and complement it with intelligent software elements to generate sustainable, reliable and powerful information
Tech-savvy - We use tomorrow’s AI and ML technology to provide today’s best in class information
Affordable - We ensure that your data is prepared and provided at an affordable price thanks to our relationships and aggregation power.
Neutral – We are a Swiss company and provide neutral, high-quality and reliable data


How we started


The team that makes it all happen

Best-in-class supply chain data is our passion! For many years, we have worked in leading functions of large international companies and have repeatedly experienced that the crucial data was very often missing to make solid decisions.
Projects were delayed, sourcing events became too expensive, selected suppliers turned out to be unsustainable, promising customers were overlooked - because of the lack of easily accessible, reliable data.
We believe this doesn’t have to be! And that's why we created TITAN.

We are a young, proud Swiss company and strive for Swiss quality standards. Our platform was developed in Switzerland. As we have grown, so has the team beyond Switzerland's borders.

Titan Leadership



Managing Director

Titan Team



IT Infrastructure


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Frontend Developer
+ Software Development Partner

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Marko - Thu, 04/20/2023 - 14:49

Oliver Engelbrecht delivered a speech on the impact of the energy crisis on procurement and sourcing during the recently held ERFA meeting by the Swiss Sourcing Group ...

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